Hi lovely people,
My name is Anastasia, also knows as Sia to my friends and family, and I am the face behind Luxe Keepsake Co.
So a little about me! I’m a wifey to Adam and mummy to two gorgeous boys Achilles & Alexios. Coming from a corporate events background, I have been running at 110% for as long as I remember. Whilst being on maternity leave and slowing down to raise a little baby during COVID lockdowns, just like most it had me going a little crazy!
I absolutely love being a mama, but needed to find something else I enjoy to do in my spare time that I feel strongly about and that is creating special moments and building everlasting memories. That’s how Luxe Keepsake Co came about.
I wanted others to be able to create something special that will have meaning to them or their loved one and something they could treasure for a lifetime, just like the moments each of us have felt and memories every one of us have kept.
Whether it be a gift for a new baby, a gift to someone that has lost a loved one, or a special something just for you, Luxe Keepsake Co can create the perfect keepsake!
Sending you lots of love and protection,