Care Instructions

To extend the life of your piece, please ensure the following:

○ Do not pull on charms
○ Avoid friction and rubbing
○ Avoid contact with water, moisture, perfumes, chemicals, creams and oils
○ Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight
○ Store flat, in microfiber pouch provided to avoid rubbing and scratching
○ Gently wipe after each use with a soft cloth, applying minimal pressure
○ Do not use chemicals or jewellery cleaner
Pins are considered costume jewellery. Place pin in reach of infants and children at your own discretion. Do not leave infants all children unsupervised around pins. Pins possess an injury and chocking hazard. Always check wear and tear prior to each use.

Should you experience an allergic reaction from your piece please discontinue using the pin immediately and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Luxe Keepsake Co is not responsible for any allergic reactions experienced therefore we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges in these situations. If you are sensitive to metals, we recommend you check the pin and charm material prior to making your purchase.